• Ivy Shih Vancouver Real Estate
    Ivy Shih Vancouver Real Estate
    I have done a deal with Ashkan in North Vancouver. He is very professional and organized. During our transaction, I noticed that he truly cares for his clients and solves problems for his clients in timely manner. It was a pleasant experience working with Ashkan. I am looking forward to work with him again!
  • Fa P
    Fa P
    Ashkan does his job professionally and takes it seriously. For every buy or sell he does, he has a system and he knows the market well. That is the reason he is successful in his job. Great guy to refer. Keep the good job Ashkan.
  • Fred Mandegari
    Fred Mandegari
    If I could give more stars for Ashkan Mehrabani’s knowledge, diligence, professionalism and integrity as a real estate agent, I would give all to Ashkan. Thank you for working with me and helping me buy and sell my properties in Vancouver.
  • F
    If honesty and intelligence are the 2 most important qualities that you’re looking for in an agent then Ashkan checks all the marks and is highly recommended!
  • Arian Ghaderi
    Arian Ghaderi
    Ashkan is a great realtor that knows the lower mainland area really well. He understands your needs based on the initial assessment and the feedback he gets from you after the first few showings. We noticed that he soon realized exactly what we were looking for, and provided great alternatives within our favorite neighborhoods. Ashkan helped us find the perfect apartment that matched all our criteria, and then went above and beyond the expectation to provide continued support all the way to completion. We remain great friends after that first project, and I’ll be utilizing his knowledge and insight for future housing/real-estate endeavors. Cheers!
  • Peyman Zargarzadeh
    Peyman Zargarzadeh
    Ashkan helped us to sell our apartment and purchase our dream home. He sold our apartment in 3 days in a very competitive market. I can not express enough how professional he is, I am an ex-real state agent and he surpassed all my expectations. If you are looking for a an honest, respectful, knowledgeable , and above all some one that knows the market extremely well and can negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf as your agent, call him. He does not need to pay for false advertisement behind bus and on bus station boards, every client of Ashakn turns in to a walking billboard for him and I am a live testimony of his work performance. Thank you Ashkan and look forward to do more business with you.
  • Sohrab Pakzaban
    Sohrab Pakzaban
    Ashkan is an amazing person and truly has a heart of gold! He is very honest, hard working & is always looking out for you and has your best interest in mind at all times! I am so happy that I have had a chance to be able to work with Ashkan! He’s so selfless & is a superstar! He helped us to purchase a pre-sale condo with the best condition. Thank you Ashkan!
  • Amir
    Highly recommended! super honest tips for buying any property, he is very patient and knowledgeable. Definitely he can help you to find your dream home.
  • Bahar Salamaty
    Bahar Salamaty
    Ashkan has been super helpful, professional and very knowledgeable. He seems to be so in love in what he is doing and does care about his client and trustworthy. Thank you Ashkan!
  • Sherry Fannizadeh
    Sherry Fannizadeh
    Ashkan helped us with the purchase of our house. He is knowledgeable, approachable, personable and endlessly patient. He answered every question and explained every form and every part of the process clearly and thoroughly. He also kept us informed every step of the way. Purchasing a home in this market is very challenging but Ashkan made the process run very smoothly for us. Throughout the whole process he had such a positive attitude. We highly recommend him.
  • Arvin B
    Arvin B
    We’ve had the pleasure of working with Ashkan while he helped us find our dream family home. His calm demeanour and diligent work ethics made all the difference in helping us feel trusted and comfortable in maneuvering a changing housing market. We would highly recommend Ashkan and his professional services.
  • Saba V
    Saba V
    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness Ashkan is the kindest person and I had such a pleasant experience working with him to buy my first home. If you’re new to real estate like me and lead a busy life, then you’ll find it much less overwhelming and time-consuming working with someone in this field who is as knowledgeable and experienced as Ashkan. First of all, he actually listens to you to truly understands your needs and what you’re looking for. Second, he doesn’t constantly email/call like other realtors do just to get a client (this happened to me when I mistakenly entered my email address to access a real estate page and those realtors would not leave me alone!!). Third, I really appreciated that he never wasted my time and honestly only showed me houses that suited my taste and were within my budget. With his help, I found the perfect place within the span of a few short weeks and I absolutely love my new home. If you’re looking for someone professional, experienced with the friendliest demeanour, then I would definitely recommend Ashkan.
  • Sadaf Salehi
    Sadaf Salehi
    I had a very good experience purchasing my condo with Ashkans help. He was so patient and informative. All my requirements were met and I am so happy I found my perfect condo! If you are someone who is looking for help from a super friendly and kind person who listens to all your needs and expectations you should definelty consider speaking with Ashkan. Much appreciated for all you have done for me!
  • Amir Assadizadeh
    Amir Assadizadeh
    I bought a property with His services, he is not pushy at all, which I enjoyed a lot. He provided me with sufficient information that I could make a good decision. He also made a good move to offer for a property in a timely manner. The property got more offers after our offer was accepted.
  • Mandana Samawati
    Mandana Samawati
    Highly recommended! He gave our family knowledgeable and super honest tips for buying a house. We were always enjoying our time being around him which helped us to make the best decision.
  • Farahnaz Dabardani
    Farahnaz Dabardani
    One of the best realtor that I have ever seen. I highly recommend him for buying a house. Being patient and standing on the customers side were his most outstanding features. I had a wonderful experience for finding and selecting a house to buy with him.
  • Kimia Daresh
    Kimia Daresh
    My parents and I had the pleasure to work with Ashkan and can’t speak highly enough of our experience with him. We were first-time homebuyers with very little knowledge about how to find the right place. He went above and beyond to help us out. We never felt forced to make an offer. From start to finish he was very responsive, kind, and a constant professional. We would highly recommend him to anyone!
  • Helen Jamalian
    Helen Jamalian
    It was a pleasure working with Ashkan. He is extremely reliable. He cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to make them happy. Ashkan is so patient and always help his clients to find the best real estate. If you are looking for a professional realtor Ashkan is the best.
  • Arya Iranpour
    Arya Iranpour
    I highly recommend working with Ashkan Mehrabani if you are looking to buy a property in Vancouver. With the fast-paced and confusing market that Vancouver has, we had a significant amount of questions throughout the whole process. Ashkan always made time to answer these questions with nothing but a great attitude and patience. He helped us look at a great place that met our goals and lifestyle. He has a keen eye for details and would help us see things about properties that we wouldn’t see. Overall, we had a great time working with Ashkan.
  • Helen Clement
    Helen Clement
    I had the pleasure to work with Ashkan recently. From start to finish, Ashkan was a consummate professional and a delight to work with. I even referred him to my managing broker to try and recruit him to Sotheby’s. 🙂 Thank you Ashkan.
  • Eva Ariello
    Eva Ariello
    I will use Mr. Mehrabani again. He possesses the 3 A’ of success. Ability , Affability and Availability. He is so helpful
  • Aimy Daruwala
    Aimy Daruwala
    Ashkhan has been really helpful and professional in his dealing with us. With his wide network and sales experience, he was able to negotiate a better deal for us. We lucked out in meeting him! Thank you so much Ashkhan.
  • Mahnaz MLO
    Mahnaz MLO
    Ashkan is extremely knowledgeable in real estate market and a perfect financial adviser. I had a very good experience working with him as first time buyer and I definitely recommend his service to all my friends.
  • Alan Banifatemi
    Alan Banifatemi
    Ashkan is knowledgeable, personable, endlessly patient and incredibly generous with his time. Ashkan is a wonderful person to work with. He is very flexible and willing to work around your schedule. He was sincere and helpful from beginning to end. I will gladly work with him again and would recommend him to anyone looking for an awesome agent.
  • Mohammad Sadeghkamali
    Mohammad Sadeghkamali
    Ashkan far exceeded my expectations as a realtor. He was very trustworthy and recently sold our home without any worries. He was so helpful in answering all my questions and making the experience go smoothly. As far as I am concerned, he is the best agent in Vancouver. We look forward to doing more business with you and will definately recommend him to anyone wanting to sell or buy property. Thank you so much for all your help!
  • M Banifatemi
    M Banifatemi
    to work with. He is a professional and has demonstrated a great deal of knowledge in his field. In working with Ashkan, we felt that he truly cared about our needs and did his best to ensure we achieved exactly what we wanted. We would like to thank him for all his work and will continue to count on him in the future
  • Jag S
    Jag S
    Ashkan, is a knowledgeable and helpful. He has helped make our new home purchase a breeze. Throughout the process he has gone above and beyond to make us happy. Highly recommended!!
  • Sara Hakkak
    Sara Hakkak
    I can’t thank Ashkan enough for providing me with great real estate experience and unconditional guidance . There were times where I was indecisive and hesitant , but Ashkan was patient and honest, respecting and supporting my decision. He is knowledgeable , up to date with market information I needed, and super friendly! I’m going to continue to work with Ashkan going down the road ! Will definitely recommend him to friends and family.
  • A. M.
    A. M.
    Very dedicated and great at following up. He makes you feel as if you were the ONLY client he is helping while he is with you. Very genuine and honest; shows he truly cares about the client and not just making a profit. We need more realtors like him.
  • Mehdi Jalayer
    Mehdi Jalayer
    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ashkan for the past 3 years. He is very professional, personable and great to work with. I would recommend his services to anyone who is looking for exceptional results.
  • Parisa P
    Parisa P
    We have recently started working with Ashkan on searching for our new home. So far, he’s been very reliable and thorough. He’s been helping us maintain focus on the right priorities throughout the process, and working very hard to ease the level of stress that comes along with buying a home. We would highly recommend him to home buyers and sellers!
  • Farid Khatib
    Farid Khatib
    I had the pleasure to meet this gentleman almost 3 years ago. I have had great business and friendly relationship with him. I enjoy his honesty and character. A great quot I heard from him is: “Knowledge is the power
  • Judy Spenser
    Judy Spenser
    We were referred to Ashkan Mehrabani through from our one of good friend contacts and feel so lucky to have found him. It was an absolute pleasure sell our first home and that’s all due to Ashkan! There really aren’t words to describe how fantastic Ashkan service was, from the beginning he listened to what we were looking for, he sold our property for the shortest time with the highest asking price, he provided non judgemental advice, was a keen negotiator and helped network us with the necessary contacts in order to complete the seller process. It seems rare to find someone today who is good at their full time job and be available and easy to contact anytime , let alone fantastic so we were delightfully surprised by the initiative and attention to detail . It’s also worth mentioning that Ashkan is one of the most genuine and nicest guys around, a competent professional and good natured family guy. Not sure what we were expecting for our realty process but he exceeded our expectations in every way shape and form. Look no further!
  • Azin Yazdani
    Azin Yazdani
    Ashkan is at the top in my books. He’s professional, knowledgable and very easy to work with. Ashkan has a very cool calm and collected demeanour, which is very refreshing in this hot market! Highly recommend him if you want a trustworthy and honest realtor. Super handy that he speaks 3 languages!
  • Salar Sh
    Salar Sh
    As a client of Mr. Mehrabani you are sure to find what you are looking for. His professionalism and honesty can be seen in the way he interacts with his clients. Ashkan is motivated to help his clients reach their goals. His strong passion and drive in helping others find their dream home is what keeps him going.
  • Reza Sami
    Reza Sami
    Ashkan Mehrabani has the right attitude and fun to deal with. He is dedicated and is equipped with knowledge and tools to help his clients. His passion to help and integrity shines through his work. Ashkan is present for his clients. He is professional and really cares.
  • Cody Shah
    Cody Shah
    Ashkon was very informative and helpful. I will be using his service when I selling my home
  • Nancy Pineda
    Nancy Pineda
    A very knowledgeable business man, he is the best in what he does. Highly recommended.
  • Sales Ontario
    Sales Ontario
    (Translated by Google) Ashkan is a very responsible Agent, professional, and for the sake of customers. I also watched the house with other Agents before, and some only let us choose with a few look. Ashkan is not the same. Ask us about the demand first. We say that we are not too clear. He will take us to see several different types of houses and let us have a concept. These can actually be said that the buyer should do their own homework, but he took us to do more with less! After choosing the type, it is also very efficient to take us to look at the house, and the advantages and disadvantages of the house are reported according to the facts, professional and sincere, and even provide suggestions for decoration! The whole process feels particularly reassuring. Finally, the price is also very powerful, and the price of the talk is much lower than our psychological price! Although the language communication is somewhat inconvenient, he is very patient and the whole process of buying a house is very satisfactory 🙂