Sales Ontario

(Translated by Google) Ashkan is a very responsible Agent, professional, and for the sake of customers. I also watched the house with other Agents before, and some only let us choose with a few look. Ashkan is not the same. Ask us about the demand first. We say that we are not too clear. He will take us to see several different types of houses and let us have a concept. These can actually be said that the buyer should do their own homework, but he took us to do more with less! After choosing the type, it is also very efficient to take us to look at the house, and the advantages and disadvantages of the house are reported according to the facts, professional and sincere, and even provide suggestions for decoration! The whole process feels particularly reassuring. Finally, the price is also very powerful, and the price of the talk is much lower than our psychological price! Although the language communication is somewhat inconvenient, he is very patient and the whole process of buying a house is very satisfactory 🙂